Color and Form: Norwich Painter Rebounds From Studio Fire by Nicola Smith, Valley News

“Color is how she expresses the psychology of the moment.”

“What comes through, in Fairclough’s use of color and arrangement of form, is the interior life of a figure”

Robyn Whitney Fairclough, Review: New Hampshire by Christopher Volpe, Art New England

“To fully connect with Robyn Whitney Fairclough’s work requires sensitivity to the artist’s engagement with process and the history of nuances of painting … Fairclough is a ‘painter’s painter.’ ”

“In [her show] … Fairclough continues to utilize the figure to highlight process and, crucially, to foreground painting’s never-ending play between color, figure placement, spatial planes, and geometric organization.”

“As in Gauguin’s Polynesian tableaux, the ambiguous yet psychologically charged relationships between the figures suggest a narrative that remains elusive.”

“The finished work seems as much about mood as about the organic process of creation.”

“A Hofmannesque push-pull within painterly space … sometimes a mark refers and sometimes it doesn’t, sometimes a temperature color stays down and sometimes not—and that very tension is the point.”



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